Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable for all MA memberships (Corporate, Charity, Not-for-Profit, Individual, Student, Graduate, Online)

“Individual Membership” means membership benefits shall apply to that person only, and not to any company or organisation. If you do wish to have your organisation listed as a supplier, you MUST apply for Organisation or Company membership.

“Online Membership” means membership benefits shall apply to that person only, and not to any company organisation. Must be living more than 50km from the CBD in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Membership is non-transferrable.

“Charity Membership” means membership benefits shall apply to that Charity that is a New Zealand registered Charity.

Any membership other than Individual Memberships, Charity, and Not-for-Profit refers to the number of full-time staff within your entire company/organisation (i.e., not just an individual area/department) as an indication of turnover.

2. Subscription terms
I understand that the membership is for a minimum 12-month term which will renew annually and that I will be advised of any change in subscription terms beforehand.

I also understand that I can cancel membership at any time after the minimum 12-month term. A joining fee will apply for all new members and for those re-joining after a break of over 3 months. * Joining fee not applicable for Online membership.

For Online Membership only, if I elect to pay the membership by monthly credit card instalments, I will receive a written email notification of the monthly deductions on the date due.

In the event that payment for an annual, quarterly, or monthly instalment of the membership is not received on the due date by the MA, the membership will be suspended or cancelled, and the MA may take legal steps to recover the unpaid subscription amount.

3. Events and Learning/Development definitions and interpretation

3.1. “Event” means any event or conference run by the Marketing Association.
3.2. “Workshop” means any in-person workshop or online workshop run by the Marketing Association, terms and conditions for these workshops can be found at the bottom of the page under Learning and Development Terms and Conditions.
3.3. “Attendee” means any individual attending a workshop, event, or conference run by the Marketing Association.

4. Event Terms and Conditions
For Event terms and conditions click here.

5. Learning and Development Terms and Conditions
For Short Course and Online Course terms and conditions click here.

6. Privacy
Your privacy: The Marketing Association is recognised for its best practice privacy standards. If we collect your details, it is to keep you informed about marketing issues including news about training, legislation, events and current topics. Your details are securely stored by our database service provider. You are welcome to contact us at any time to access and update your personal information or to ‘opt-out’ of receiving further communications from us. Write to us at PO Box 137266, Parnell, Auckland 1151, send us an email at contactus@marketing.org.nz or call 09 3617760. You can access the full Privacy policy here.

7. I confirm I have read the Marketing Association’s Codes of Practice (to view visit https://marketing.org.nz/resources/tag/code-of-practice) and agree to abide by these and any amendments or additional codes as may be implemented from time to time. I agree to adhere to the rules of the Association as set out in its Constitution (view here).